Lagavulin 12 Jahre Special Release 2022 Islay Single Malt Whisky 57,3 % 0,7 Liter

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Aroma: Dry, with an immediate powerful smokiness; much more so than is usual with Lagavulin, with charcoal and fragrant peat massively to the fore, backed by a clean fresh base-note that suggests sea air and mineral scents. Much reduced, aromatically, with even a little water, it remains essentially unaltered.

Geschmack: The smooth lightly oily texture shines with sweet richness; the taste is sweet to start, then takes off with a soaring lemony acidity and a sprinkling of sea salt to add freshness. Mid-palate the fire dries the taste, which flies still higher now in its salty-smoky intensity. A dash of water rounds and sweetens but it’s the smoke that dominates.

Abgang: Long, with great waves of peat-smoke, and new-fired heights of spiced and smoky intensity that last wonderfully in the aftertaste.

Original Tasting Notes von Lagavulin

Fasstyp: Virgin Oak and our smokiest reserves / Alkoholgehalt: 57,3 % / Inhalt: 0,70 Liter / Abfüller: Lagavulin


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