Elements of Islay " Peat " Islay Blended Malt 59,3 % 0,5 Liter

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Aroma: Fresh, sprightly barley entwined with peat smoke and bonfire embers. Bracing aromas of salty seaweed and seashells. Plenty of clean fruit ? lemon, lime and grapefruit, while hiding underneath are notes of rich earth and liquorice.

Geschmack: Warm and leathery with thick-cut bacon, seashore campfires and roasted fruit: sweet apple and lime with a sprinkle of caster sugar. Layers of smoke and dark-chocolate limes envelope the palate and are intertwined with softer lemon oil and BBQ sauce, with hints of roasted spices and barrel char, complementing the peat and smoke.

Abgang: Sea spray and baked apple fade leaving heavier smoke, truffle salt and sweet spice.

Nicht kühlfiltriert und ohne Farbstoff.

Fasstyp:Oak Cask / Alkoholgehalt: 59,3 % / Inhalt : 0,50 Liter / Abfüller: Elixir Distillers


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